Barbara Freeman



Barbara Freeman

Happy summer and welcome to SCPC! I hope you are enjoying this special time of year to relax and have some fun with your children. We will be back into fall routines and

having to dash out of the house each morning before you know it. My husband, Tom, and I are still living in our little starter house in the Riverwood section of Davidsonville. We moved here in 1976. I always say if we had known we’d be in our house for so long we would have found a home with more closets and less leaves. Now that our kids have moved out we’ve taken over all the closets and bought bigger rakes. Tom retired from the Secret Service (IT) several years ago. He has been trying to improve his golf game ever since. It is still a work in progress. He also has his closer’s license and does occasional work for Brennan Title. We will celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary in August. Woo-hoo!

Our son, Matthew, lives in Annapolis with his wife Katie. They have one of the World’s Cutest Grandsons, Jake, who will start kindergarten this year. Jake spends the night with us almost every Friday and loves Saturday adventures. They also have The World’s Cutest Granddaughter, Lucy. She turned two in May. She is starting to join us more regularly on our weekend adventures. Matthew also has two stepdaughters, Sophia and Abby who will be in 6th and 5th grade. He works for Brown Construction as a project manager.

Our daughter, Jessica, lives in Hollywood, FL with her husband, Kirk. They have the second World’s Cutest Grandson, Miles, who also turned two in May. She has been teaching biology for Florida Virtual School since Miles was born. Since Florida is so far away and Miles is too cute, I try to sneak off to Florida for a long weekend as much as I can. Kirk is finishing up (very soon we hope) his PhD in marine biology. There aren’t a lot of coral reefs in the Chesapeake Bay so I’m not sure if they will make it up the coast when he starts job hunting. She has two step children as well, Kiley lives in Oklahoma and Robbie is in the Marines.

We have had a wonderful summer, filled with trips to the beach and time with our children and grandchildren. We all enjoyed some family time together at Hilton Head this summer for a week at the beach. It is not always the most restful vacation with 14 people in the house, including two two-year olds (it’s mine!). But it is always fun and I think we are all smiling in the pictures. Jake thinks we should live in Hilton Head forever.

Three and four year olds are my favorite age group and even though it’s getting harder to get up off the floor I’m looking forward to another school year filled with smiling faces and excitement for learning. This year will bring some changes to our curriculum and routines and Ann and I will be busy. I have always enjoyed the unique atmosphere of working in a co-op. Having parents work in the classroom on a regular basis gives you an opportunity to provide more activities for the children and to create a stronger program. It’s also fun to watch parents bring their own style and enthusiasm into the classroom. Most importantly, we really get to know not just the children but their extended families as well. I’ve always love the sense of community and commitment you feel within the school.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Tom and I are off to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland for one last summer adventure. Ann and I look forward to seeing everyone in September and hearing about your summer vacations. See you soon!